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Dear Editor,

Regarding the current and preceding caravans of phony refugees headed our way from the south, I would like to know just what imaginary evil they are fleeing?

They are certainly not running from starvation. They are healthy in appearance and obviously well fed. They are quite visibly well clothed and very well shod, plus being very well equipped with sturdy back packs. We are deluged daily with video of the caravanistas up close and personal. I have yet to see a face showing the indelible stamp of long term deprivation, cruelty and torture.

In my time on this earth, I have seen the faces of true refugees as they trudge away from starvation and brutality. Real refugees, dressed in rags, fleeing with a meager bag or bundle of food and belongings, with horror etched in their eyes and with terrible fatigue on their faces. Real refugees are not clean, sleek and smiling as are those now threatening to invade our country. Real refugees are not handed supplies of bottled water and toilet paper by the very heavily funded and well organized support trucks accompanying the caravan.

If the numbers being tossed about are anything close to real, we can ultimately expect to see anywhere between twelve and fifteen thousand invaders trying to overwhelm our tragically understrength border defenders. Reports indicate that the organizers plan to have the first wave of “refugees” consisting of women, children and the old and frail, rush our border with the intent of swamping our border’s defenders who will be forbidden to use meaningful measures to repel the invaders.

If you take more than a few seconds to examine the huge available amount of video of this mass of people threatening to force their way into our country, you will see that the vast preponderance of them are young, vigorous, healthy, well-muscled, military age males. These are anything but fearful escapees from oppression and brutality. They are a force of hostiles whose intended mission is to force their way into our country and demand (even though they’ve absolutely no right to demand anything at all) sustenance, shelter, health maintenance and jobs. All of this is intended to dilute and weaken and overstress our systems’ ability to adequately take care of our own needy.

You might ask yourself this question; where is the money supporting this effort coming from? Just who is rich enough to put up the many millions of dollars it takes to fund, plan, coordinate, direct and control such a large undertaking. It is indisputable that astounding sums of money are required to back a function of this size. This is a military scale movement of people. It is impossible to organize and direct the movement of so many people without strict controls and close, constant communication between those in the controlling cadre. Without close management, a mob this size would very quickly fragment and dissipate. On old, well-worn truism says, simply, follow the money.

It also bears close examination that an operation of this size and this well controlled cannot possibly be spontaneous. It has taken many months of hard work, planning and coordination to make this happen. It is a practical impossibility to have many thousands of people all marching to the same drumbeat without close supervision and strong central control.

The force approaching our southern border is not a ragtag collection of abused and downtrodden victims of a brutal regime. They are cultural soldiers coming here with a clear and acknowledged purpose. That purpose is to continue the ongoing destruction of our country, our culture and our way of life.

Jack Hommel

Golden Valley

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