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Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to Mrs. Robertsen’s letter to the editor posted today on The Standard Newspaper’s Facebook page.


I am sorry, Mrs. Robertsen, you were misinformed. The Winter Wonderland ball was not moved from your Fairgrounds because of double booking. The south hall of the expo center was completely empty along with the kitchen that they needed for the event. It is true that there was a auction in the center hall, but it was over long before the Winter Wonderland was to start. The south hall and kitchen were also given to The Winter Wonderland at a greatly reduced price.

The reason the event was moved was because the proper permits were not acquired. They did not file for the City of Kingman special event permit or the state liquor permit. Please check with the City of Kingman city clerk to verify.

Tim Woods, General Manager
Mohave County Fair Association

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