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Dear Editor,

I believe that an apology should be forthcoming to the members of the KAA who had been labeled as "thieves" and accused of "racketeering".


I personally know members of the KAA and for them to be treated this way after VOLUNTEERING their time to serve on a board is a terrible thing.

Krystal Burge, Vearl Haynes and Janet Watson (no relation) are all friends of mine and knowing their contributions to the Kingman Community and their personal standards and ethics, I have been patiently waiting for the audit results and for this ruling from Judge Timothy J Thomason which clearly states:

That the claim against KAA for Racketeering "claim was utterly frivolous and should never have been filed";

That the allegations of theft "should never have been filed" and were "simply preposterous" as well as “without merit and indeed frivolous”;

That the “notion that these defendants were operating a criminal enterprise is ridiculous” and “why the claim was brought remains a mystery”.

There can be a respectful disagreement on the management and direction for the City of Kingman but there is no place for FACEBOOK warriors to take their personal attacks and use the weight of their elected positions as a platform to attack personally other members of the community, especially ones who have made many, many contributions to the community, financially and with their personal service.

The City of Kingman and the City Council has a right to address issues in the community and to take actions that they feel are in the best interest of the community but as “leaders” they are not free to utilize their positions on the council to facilitate groundless personal attacks and make allegations without merit. 

Lyman Watson


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