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Dear Editor,

We would just like to write a note of thanks to Advanced Transmission in Kingman for the outstanding service we received from them last week.

In 2017 we had purchased a truck and had to have the transmission and power steering worked on and Advanced Transmissions did the work.

We had no problem until a few weeks ago when our power steering went out. We contacted Bob (the owner) at Advanced Transmissions and had the truck towed to his shop. Even though our warranty had expired, we were nowhere near our mileage limit and Bob so very generously honored and stood behind our warranty and did the work with no additional charge to us.

We were very surprised to find such outstanding service and courtesy to us as a customer. This is a very rare thing to happen in this day and age and we just want to recognize and acknowledge this unexpected kindness, service & honesty.

Michael W. Tybroski

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