MOHAVE COUNTY - Mohave County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) currently has five deputy/K-9 teams

and they have had great success since September 2017.

The teams were called out 108 times with 43 of those calls ending in arrests. K-9 handler team Deputy J. Felish/Brutus, found 20 pounds of methamphetamine and a little more than $10,000 during one of their calls.

All five deputies assigned to the MCSO K-9 Program have diverse and varied law enforcement backgrounds. They include:

  • Deputy S. Ruiz, along with his K-9 partner Thor, patrols the Yucca and surrounding areas including Boriana Mine Road that leads high into the Hualapai Mountains, Alamo Road south to Lake Alamo, Buckeye Estates and Santa Fe Estates. Ruiz’s career actually began when he worked for another law enforcement agency that paid for him to go through the academy. Once graduated, he worked with a them about a year prior to making a lateral move to the MCSO. Ruiz has been a K-9 officer since 2005 when he and K-9 partner Angus were assigned. Angus retired in early 2011 and during March 2011, Ruiz and Thor were teamed up and received training in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


  • Deputy J. Wilson, along with his K-9 partner Doc, patrols the Fort Mohave, Topock and Mohave Valley areas. He has been with MCSO for 16 years. During his time with Mohave County, he served as an MCSO K-9 handler 11 years ago prior to being assigned different duties. “Before becoming a deputy, I worked as a reserve officer with the Fort Mohave Tribal Police,” Wilson said. “I again asked questions about becoming a K-9 handler and Sheriff Schuster asked me to be one of the four deputies with the K-9s since I had prior experience.”


  • Deputy K. McCool, along with his K-9 partner Chase, patrols the Kingman, Golden Valley areas and has been with MCSO since January 2012. He began his patrol duties upon his graduation from the academy May 3, 2012. “I used to help out former K-9 handlers, when they were training their service dogs,” McCool said. “I recently expressed an interest in becoming a K-9 handler and I received a call from the sheriff asking me to be one of the team members.”


  • Deputy J. Felish, along with his K-9 partner Brutus, patrols the Arizona Strip area. Felish has been with MCSO since 2016. Prior to that, he worked as a law enforcement officer for Arizona Game and Fish Department from 2009 to 2016. “I’ve had an interest in K-9s for a long time,” Felish said. “I requested the assignment and was lucky enough to be accepted. The dog I picked out is an 80-pound Malinois and it fits him well.”


  • Deputy K. Gunnoe, along with his K-9 partner Bruno, patrols the Kingman and

Golden Valley areas. Gunnoe returned to MCSO during April 2017. He originally joined MCSO in 2007 and worked for Mohave County for about seven years, serving as a K-9 handler from 2012-2014. During his hiatus from MCSO, he worked as a tribal police officer for the Hualapai Nation Police Department. “I served in the U.S. Air Force from 1993-2006,” Gunnoe said, “and worked as a military dog handler for 10 years, serving a tour of duty in the Middle East.”


According to the MCSO, the deputies are assigned to a normal patrol area, but if someone needs a K9, they will respond wherever they are needed.

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