KINGMAN - The public is invited to the Mohave Republican Forum meeting on Wednesday evening, January 9, at 5:15 p.m.

June Deering, UniSource Engineering Director, and Gregg Martin, UniSource Community Affairs Representative, will speak about the present state of the power grid, and Unisource’s responsibility and role in continuing energy delivery.  Also, Mohave County Recorder, Kristi Blair, will speak about events surrounding the November general election results and the issues including the delays in the results.

Without the power grid functioning properly, much of our necessary day to day activities will be affected and disrupted.  How secure and reliable is its current state, and how vulnerable is it?  Regarding the 2008 general election, why the delays in results, and what other issues developed?  What is the “fix” to assure secure and timely election results?

MRF meetings are held at the Golden Corral, 3580 Stockton Hill Road. There is an admission charge of $2 per person to assist with the meeting costs.  An early bird special price is available for those arriving and paying for their meals prior to 4 PM.

For reservations, which are requested and helpful or for further information, please contact Rita Basinger at 928- 692-4771,  or Jayne Seieroe at 714-914-7143,

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