Every 40 seconds a child goes missing somewhere in the United States.


For over a decade the Kingman Police Department has been in partnership with A Child Is Missing, Inc., an alert and recovery program.  It has been used with much success multiple times.

“When a child or elderly person goes missing…what do you do?  In the first critical hours, A Child Is Missing, Inc. alerts residents and businesses with a specialized message asking for information on the missing child (often with Autism/Down syndrome), elderly (often with Alzheimer’s/Dementia), special needs, disabled, and students on campus.  1,000 alert phone calls can be placed in 60 seconds.  The community and law enforcement agencies benefit,” says Sherry Friedlander, founder.

This program can be activated often before an Amber Alert.  It can be used to assist law enforcement in all missing cases, such as children that are abducted, lost, wander off, or run away, elderly. These cases do not need to meet the Amber Alert or Silver Alert criteria.

This is one of the fastest and most effective programs law enforcement can activate in the critical first minutes of a missing person case.  Upon request from law enforcement agencies, A Child Is Missing Alerts can activate the alert calls to the area surrounding the last location of the missing.  There is an individually recorded message giving the description of the missing person and the telephone number for the citizens to call the police directly with information regarding sightings of the missing person.

Alerts can be sent to wireless text alerts, email alerts, landline alerts and cell phone alerts.  Those wishing to be part of this program can register on the A Child Is Missing, Inc website at

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