“Prayer: So Great an Invitation”


KINGMAN - Pastor Jerry Dunn of Oak Street Baptist Church in Kingman has written the book, “Prayer: So Great an Invitation,” in which he concentrates on how prayer is not a right of the Christian believer, but rather a privilege.

Dunn said, “The book is about prayer not being our right as a believers, but our privilege to be able to come before God, and to give our petitions and give our praises as well because of who God is.” Dunn added, “Many people treat prayer like it’s our right as believers; therefore, we can expect anything that we ask God for, and I don’t believe that at all to be the case.”

Regarding prayer Dunn continued, “I think that when Jesus taught us how to pray he taught us, ‘Our father which art in heaven, hollowed be Thy name.’” So, we treat God with great reverence and respect of His person recognizing that everything that we have or everything that God does for us is a blessing that comes from the greatest privilege that we could possibly have, and that is to come before His throne of grace.”

Dunn continues about prayer, “The invitation from our Father is to come and find rest from the daily pressures of our lives. It is an invitation to discover a sense of peace that can only come when we realize that no matter how big our problems may be, God is bigger.”

Also in the book, Dunn accentuates the many steps that there are in prayer. Dunn explains, “There are several chapters that I talk about the elements of the steps to prayer and being able to pray effectively.”

Dunn added regarding the purpose of his book, “I hope that people will understand what a tremendous privilege it is to be able to come before God almighty the creator of the universe. Dunn continues, and to bow down before Him to experience communication between God and man, and to just realize the power of prayer and the purpose of what prayer is really all about.”

Pastor Dunn has pastored in Kingman for more than eight years and previously pastored in Avondale, Ariz., Texas, and New Mexico spanning 40 years of service. He has written four books and more that 125 articles. He served in the U.S Air Force and is a Vietnam veteran who received the Air Force Commendation Medal. In addition, he has done mission work in Brazil, Yugoslavia, Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, and Mexico, and has fostered 106 children.

The book is available at Barnes and Noble, Walmart, eBay and at It can be ordered through local bookstores via Ingram, a major book distribution center for all Christian bookstores. Also, it is available on Kindle and iTunes.

Dunn as an active minister of God encapsulizes his book by saying, “While many feel that prayer is the right of every believer, I personally believe that prayer is not our right, but a privilege that has been afforded us by our heavenly Father.”


- Linda McMahon

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