KINGMAN - The public is invited to the Mohave Republican Forum (MRF) meeting on Wednesday evening, February 13, commencing at 5:15 p.m.

Gary Kellogg, City of Kingman Planning and Economic Development Director, will speak about the contemplated and actual direction taken to maximize the use of the Industrial Park, including maintaining the current businesses and the steps to facilitate obtaining new tenants or occupants in the Industrial Park since the City has taken over the administration of the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park. 

Also, Bennett Bratley, Kingman Planning and Economic Development Manager, overseeing the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park, will speak about contemplated and actual direction needed to enhance the Airport and Industrial Park for the benefit of the community.

These matters are of significant importance to the future of Mohave County and the City of Kingman and the quality and economy of each of our lives which makes this a very important and worthwhile meeting for all to participate.

MRF meetings are held at the Golden Corral in Kingman, 3580 Stockton Hill Road. There is an admission charge of $2 per person to assist with the meeting costs.  An early bird special price is available for those arriving and paying for their meals prior to 4 p.m.

For reservations, which are requested and helpful or for further information, please contact Rita Basinger at 928- 692-4771,  or Jayne Seieroe at 714-914-7143,

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