“Life is like a bowling ball. If you shoot it carefully you might get a strike.” - Philippos


KINGMAN - Friday, February 1, Kingman’s Youth Bowlers Group hosted a 7-8-9 No Tap Bakers Doubles Tournament at Cerbat Lanes Bowling Alley. Everyone was welcome to join the tournament, as it was not just for bowlers. It was $20 per team to enter.

The tournament was open to all ages up to 19 years old as of August 1, 2018. Proceeds help the Youth Bowlers Group go to tournaments where they can earn scholarship money towards college.

“So this is a fundraiser to help our youth bowlers. We have about 25 bowlers that bowl on our Saturday morning and afternoon leagues and what we’re trying to do is raise money for them to go to their tournaments. We’ve got two tournaments that they go to, one the first of April and the other the first of May. So this is a fundraiser. It’s not just our league bowlers bowling, it’s open to any bowler,” says Rene Guenther, coach and member of the Kingman Bowling Group.

For more information about the Kingman Youth Bowlers Group you can email them at:

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